This trail takes you through the alleyways and hidden corners of Dundee’s city centre. It’ll only take you about an hour to get round it on foot. The trail includes two large murals which are part of our city-wide mural trail - you'll find these at Tay Street Lane and William Gardiner Square (behind the Overgate). The blue markers represent pieces comissioned by Open Close, the red ones are additional pieces which we didn't organise but are definitley worth a look! Due to the ever-changing nature of street art, some pieces have disappeared, but the map is as up-to-date as possible.

We also have physcial maps - printed in Dundee by our friends at Yalla Riso on recycled paper with organic ink, they're a great way to see the trail and help support future artworks!

You can grab one for £1 from the DCA, McManus Galleries, V&A Dundee, Brewdog or Madigan’s Tearoom.